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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday- My pants weigh two pounds!

Okay, so I went for my first official Weight Watcher's meeting. I have been using the e-tools for a week so I figured my weight was at the very least down, if not even more down than where I started. So I stepped on the scale after divesting myself of my jacket and shoes. 184 pounds ! What? I weighed myself at home and I was 181.2. Now I understand scale difference, but 3 pounds? I was in shock. So after dance I weighed myself at home, without my pants- 181.2. I put on my jeans again- 183.4. That is a difference of 2.2 pounds my friends! My jeans weigh two pounds!!!!!!!!!!!! Who knew.
Oh, how I hated to enter 184 in the e-tools but I want my tools to reflect the same weight they will get at the meeting. So I get the little pop up about how I gained weight this week- but not to be discouraged and I wanted to shout at it, that my pants gained the weight, not me, lol. So from now on my weight will be on par with the meeting scales.
I really like the leader of the group- when I joined Weight Watchers at Work 1 1/2 yrs ago, I did not like the leader, she sounded so condescending and her voice was just like Denise Austin's (did I mention her baby sweet voice and how annoying it is?) Speaking of baby, there was a Mommy in the meeting who brought her son- I am guessing 6-9 mo- and he was so sweet. He was flirting with me. There was one other newbie, well she was trying it out as a free meeting. She was asking do you have to eat all your points value? Now, normally you get people asking about using the 35 extra points, but she said she wasn't sure she could eat all of her allotted points. What? I would say she was about my size so her points would have been 24 like mine. Obviously the way she was already eating is not working for her. What does she mean she can't eat all 24 points? Whatever.
Ok, so tomorrow with be Photography Tutorial Thursday (liking the new titles?) I just thought it might be something fun to change it up.

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