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Friday, February 5, 2010

Hats, Tutus, and Tigers Oh MY!

Okay, no tigers (sorry to get your hopes up). Besides weight loss, what have I been up to? Well, I mentioned to a friend that I give a hat for all the babies that I do their newborn session, but that I was running low. Since she crochet's I offered her $8 dollar hats, thinking she would make a few and I would order more later..... she showed up with 11 hats! That is right, 11. And they were so cute!!!!!!!!!! Here are the fruits of her labors:And also I have a newborn girl session on Sunday, and while blogstalking Peekaboo Photography, I saw a beautiful baby girl in a tutu. I had to have it, but with no time to order one, decided to make one. I made a beautiful pink one, with pink polkadot ribbon, and because it was so easy decided to make more than one- I ended up with seven!!!!!!!!! See below:
If you have never made a no sew tutu- I can give you a tutorial- but since now one reads my blog, I won't post it unless you post that you want it.

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I want to know! ;)