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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stair conundrum!

When my blogging friend at Thrifty Decor Chick redid her stairs, I immediately added that project to my list of to dos for the future. Well, a small influx of money and my daughter throwing up chocolate and clementine tangerines allover 4 stairs resulting in me pulling up the corner of the carpet. Dang! It was 2x12 boards, the cheapest stuff and totally rough cut, evidently the builder thought carpet would hide a million evils. And the risers were cheap particle board. But I was determined so I found new treads at Lowes (9.95 each, very nicely joined pine with a nice bullnose edge) Thanks to my dad we did this in stages. We would pull off two board and two risers (no pulling staples, Yeah!!!!!!!!) and then replace them with treads and new risers cut from 1/8s. It looks so much better!!!! It is still bare wood but I am going to sweep and gel stain them after I get the landings finished.
I am trying to determine how to finish the landings. I found a box of flooring at home depot in the color I want to stain the stairs so I was going to lay laminate on the top of the stairs, but I am not sure how to finish the edge. My dad suggested 1/2 round trim, or two quarter round trim pieces glued together but I am afraid it will be too ugly. The landings the builders put there are again the pasted together chunks of wood so I can't just leave them as is, plus the edge is square. That is the only place I had to pull staples- I think there were a million, give or take two. I did not take a before pic of the stairs, but suffice it to know it is the standard beige cheap carpet that turns fuzzy and grey after being walked on. Trying to vacumn the stairs made me very unhappy as a standard vacumn won't do the stairs. So I would take my Dirt Devil hand vac and use the hose with the edge attachment and do them all by hand. I am so looking forward to only having to sweep them!

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