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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another day done- and a review

So I did my abs workout yesterday so I wanted to do a cardio workout today. Since I quickly decided Denise Austen's very annoying baby voice in her Body Burn Dance and Pilates video was just too much to bear- let alone the fact that she doesn't explain how to do any of the steps- I went back to Walmart today to buy Dance the Inches Away Hip Hop Dance video! Love it. LOVE IT. It reminds me a lot of Body Jam. And there is a seperate section to explain the dance moves you may not get- so watch it first and then do the workout. My only annoying thing was that my son kept interrupting me- to the point that he was trying to turn on a video on the tv close to where I was rocking it with Jennifer G. Now, I don't consider myself a natural dancer, especially since I have put on weight so I know I didn't get all the moves exactly right- but I am sure I will do this one again. Note to self though: wear dance sneakers- my tennis shoes where gripping the floor just when I didn't need them to. I have Jazz Dance Sneakers from Capezio that I use for my Israeli Folk Dancing so they should help when I do this one next.
So I am right on for my points this week- have only used 1 of my extra 35 weekly points- which I may or may not take. Since it is my first week- I dont know that I should and I am not required to take them anyway. I probably should eat a few extra to make up for my activity points though, maybe? Not sure. I really need to go to a meeting next week- but since they are 12 dollars individually- I was kinda hoping the money I am expecting will come in.
I am not concerned about the diet portion - I seem to be handling it pretty well this week- and I have worked out a deal with my dear darling beloved hubby that if I do my exercise every day- he will do his (30 minutes on the exercycle). Go honey!

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