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Monday, February 8, 2010

the pit of dispair and then saved!

My one week trial of the WW online tools expired. And I thought for sure my husband wasn't going to allow me to get a Monthly Pass so I could go to Meetings and track online so I was moping around. Then I found out they take Paypal- and I happened to have some photography payment money in Paypal that I hadn't withdrawn yet. Hooray. So I was back, and all before I was desperately tempted to give up dieting and just go back to my unhealthy ways. Saved, in the nick of time.
My first meeting will be tomorrow- but I couldn't resist weighing yesterday afternoon on my scale at home. I was down to 181.4! That is almost five pounds! I know it won't all be that easy but I am so happy. Of course I can't tell at all the difference but I feel different, or maybe it is because I am eating healthier!
It was a close call yesterday. I had a photo shoot at 3 yesterday- a newborn. So I ate a pretty filling lunch and headed out for the shoot. By the time I was done, I was starving! And thirsty- she offered me a drink, but you know I was almost done so I figured I would just stop at Sonic on my way home. Well, here I was starving and I stopped at McDonalds for a diet coke, and I really eyed the hamburger, I was thinking "it will tide me over til I get home" but then I stopped myself by saying- almost 5 pounds. Think what a difference. So I just got my diet coke and sped away as fast as I safely could. Go me!
I also learned how to change my turn signal yesterday thanks to the automotive store guy. I hate it when my lights go out, I live in fear of getting stopped or of someone rear ending me if I don't have my signal on.
Today I am sore. I always am after a photo shoot. While I am shooting, I totally get into it, squatting, twisting, bending, and scrunching. I don't even think about it, anything to get the right angle and composition. And the next day I pay for it. My darling husband alway suggests a nice relaxing hot bath, mostly so he can join me after the water cools down, but never mind his ulterior motives, it usually works and I feel better.
Now that I rambled on let me tell you my plot and plan for the blog.
I really want to start posting regularly and I want to make it interesting, and not just weightloss, but my crafts, photography, and home decor (which is currently non-existant, but needs to change) efforts. I am afraid these posts may be a hodge podge of information until I develop a method. This may evolve as I go along. Thanks for letting me natter on!

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