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Friday, February 19, 2010

Israeli Salad

I am a little behind, but I am going to catch up today. My sister in law is visiting from California so as a tribute I am going to tell you how to make Israeli Salad. Now I am going to do a disclaimer: This is the american version- no real Israeli would use prebottled lemon juice, extra light olive oil, or lite salt. So sue me :)

There is nothing I like as much as Israeli Salad as a side dish to any meal. I serve it at every gathering I hostess and I bring it to all the potlucks I attend. I had never heard of it until I went to Ori's sister in LA. (I don't know if I mentioned it, but my husband and his family are Israeli). I attribute my love of Israeli Salad and Israeli Folk Dancing to her. She is influential to me as someone with great taste and I would love to emulate her style.
So back to Israeli Salad. This salad is the simplest I have ever made
You will need
A Cutting Board
A Sharp knife
A large bowl
chopper (optional- this can all be done by hand)
trash can close by

For the salad you need:
6 mini cucumbers (I find them in Target) or 1 english hothouse cucumber
2 bell peppers- I like the colorful ones, but the green ones are cheaper
3 or 4 Roma tomatoes
green onions- you need only one stem, but you can only find it in big bunches so you can eliminate this if you want
I like to add Israeli pickles to the mix (optional also)

For dressing you need:
Olive Oil
Lemon Juice

Lets get started:
Wash your vegetables thoroughly
Take each vegetable and dice them, discard the ends of the cucumbers and the insides of the bell peppers.

I love to use my Vidalia Chopper. It makes making this salad so much easier. I cut them to pieces small enough to set on the chopper.
Mix them all together.
If you are serving immediately go ahead and pour 2 tablespoons of olive oil, lemon juice and salt to taste over the salad and mix well and Serve
If you are preparing in advance, you can keep this in the fridge up to a day before serving and then pour the dressing over it and mix well.

The best part is- this dish as 0 points per serving- yes! 0 points!!!!!!!!!
Optionally, you can put the tomatoes on the side if you have someone who doesn't care for them. I know, shocking that there may be people who don't like tomatoes.

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