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Friday, February 26, 2010

Weigh in- not on Wednesday

So it snowed here on Tuesday so I was not able to go to my meeting. So I weighed at home- 176.4!!!!!!!!!!!! I am down 10 pounds from my starting weight. I am so excited.
I have to tell you though- it is really disheartening to post and never get a comment. I am pretty sure no one actually is reading but since I need this to keep me honest I will keep posting. I am trying to decide what my next craft it project will be. I am thinking maybe the Cameron Cubby Storage system from Pottery Barn Kids. Ana at Knock Off Wood has posted plans on how to build this system. I am thinking I will do this configuration in my studio:
Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids.


Jennifer said...

I'm reading. Do I count?

Teresa Pomerantz said...

Yay Jennifer, glad you are reading. Now I won't feel alone in blogland.

Eve said...

How exciting to find plans for that great storage system! And how funny that I found it when I'd given up and did a search for "pottery barn shelves" after all my searches for things like "great toy storage" turned up nothing! :)