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Friday, November 28, 2008

Sale at Joann's

So we went to Joann's Wednesday and they had their remnants on sale 75% off. So I got 1/2 yr of this fabric, which is normally 35.99/yd for only 3.50. I plan on using it on my nieces ladybug mini purse (pattern from
If this looks a little saturated in color it is because the light is really funky today, really overcast and gloomy.
On other note: did anyone go to the Black Friday sales- ooh it was scary. I had to replace our defunked tv that died during the football game yesterday- ugh! so I went to Walmart to buy the 32" Emerson tv for $388- the crowds were horrendous and people were pushing and stuff- next year I am doing all my shopping online- or making it!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My first project- I confess I cheated

I don't know if I mentioned it- but I have an addiction to I already finished this one 2 months ago- but I did make it using the You Can Make This Ebook: Boutique Blankets. I just made it bigger and added fringe. Please excuse my mess- I don't have my studio set up yet because we just moved in September. It is a slow process of unpacking.

My twin and I

Some Ideas to Share

here are a few things that make good gifts: Altered Clocks, Altered Blocks, and Altered Letters!

If you want directions email me at
Here is a pic of me and my twin- she was ultra blond and I was ultra dark- never mind that our natural color is more of a dark blond

What do you do:

When you have a houseful of the very people you are making gifts for and you can't let them see your plans? Why- you make your craft room as messy as possible so they don't even go in and look (at least that is the excuse I am going to stick with!)
I have decided what to make for my niece- she was easy. And I have ideas for what to do for my daughters (dress up trunk). Anybody know where to get holiday color Crocs or Croc knockoffs?
My Mom is not being helpful because she says all she wants for Christmas is the cardboard from my boxes (we just moved and I have a pile 4 ft high).
My nephew- I am lost. He won't wear a tie, he won't wear a apron or chef's hat, he is 8 and has no interest in the bowling shirt. hmm. He is going to be a challenge.
How is everyone else coming on theirs?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome to my Thrifty Fifty Blog

I am so excited to be one of the Thifty Fifty Challenge for!
The Challenge: Use what you have, if you need to buy anything stay to under $50, make your holiday gifts.
I have a long list: 4 children, my parents, my sisters, and my niece and nephew.

Keep your eye on my blog as we go through the journey together!