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Friday, February 19, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday- Much better week!

Okay, so I went by my meeting only to weigh in this week. I am happy to report 180.4!!!! Hooray. Course the tracker said I was losing weight too fast but what do you expect when your pants weigh two pounds? This time I wore exercise pants. I didn't stay for the meeting, only because I was meeting my friends at Triumph Cafe. Normally I would go ahead and eat there (I love their tuna salad) but we are kinda on a tight budget so I just brought my dinner and ate it in the car on my way to meet my friends. That way I could also know that my Tuna salad is only 3 points and theirs I would have no idea :) and I also ate Israeli salad (0 points). Yummy!
Then off to Israeli Folk Dancing! It was such an awesome class!!!!!!!! We had 10 people, where normally we only get 6 regularly. Hooray!!!!!
So next week I am hoping to go down another two pounds. I would really like to lose about 16 pounds before Kochavim- which is April 22-25th. That is approx 8 weeks from now, so I think it is doable.
I will report in next week! Shabbat Shalom Ya'll.

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