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Friday, January 16, 2009

Winners of the Name the Blog Contest

Mama Krit, Turtle, and 3 Prince designs- please email me your address because you win :)
I am going to go with Ima Le Arba and will just make a nice little banner to explain it all. Maybe its silly- but I feel that it defines me- I am a mother of 4 wonderful small human beings and I can't imaging being called anything else.
If you have a specific request for your prize let me know- I have so much stash I am sure I can accomodate. (no machines though heehee)


Mama Krit said...

Wow Teresa!!! Thank you! How exciting! You should always stick with what is really you, even if it might confuse someone else at first. I love the name, and especially the reasons why it is important to you.

Three Prince Designs said...

I am sorry I never sent my address. You do not have to worry about sending me anything- I was just glad to help!