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Monday, January 5, 2009

This amazes me!

This story affects anyone who handcrafts any items meant for children- If this passes it will require that goodwill test any items for children for lead. Including clothing! So all of us that handmake items for sale would have to pay a private firm to test the clothing we make. The article is here:,0,2083247.story
Now- keep in mind that I am sure that if your yarn company certifies their yarn is lead free then you can pretty much use their statement for your product- but what if they don't have it tested- because say the yarn was not intended only for children- then you have to pay to have it tested before you can post it on etsy- or for sale through a boutique.
Goodwill says they are going to have to take all the children's clothes to the landfill- but the truckload! Wow. So all of us who are donating clothing to goodwill when our kids outgrow it are going to be affected to- even if we don't sell it.
This is absolutely absurb- I understand toys- especially that crisis that we had last year- but clothing? Sweaters? Babywraps, even cotten birdseye cloth diapers? This is going to raise the cost even at Walmart for clothes. AAAAH!


Courtney said...

I know! I can not believe this! I was really holding out hope that it was going to be amended, but it is not looking like it now! That is only a month away!

Ginny said...

I know this is crazy. I buy from thrift stores to sell & sometimes for my kids. It saves so much money, plus helping the environment. Plus all the wonderful handmade items. It is so drastic. Things need to be changed for safety, but this is going after the wrong things.

The things it needs to target are all the big companies sending their work over to China to be done, etc.