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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Torn between 2 color schemes

So I was out shopping yesterday at Joann's. I want to do the Make a Quilt thing from YCMT (see the graphic to the right). I found just tons I could have used- but I couldn't decide between pink and sage green or black and white with retro teal accents. Somebody help me decide. I will post pictures this evening. I have to get to work cutting them and sewing them into pinwheels so try to post/comment today.
Thanks in advance!


Mama Krit said...

Since I can't see the fabric, I'll go with what sounds pretty. :)
I love the pink and sage green combo. But I am also a fan of teal. I vote pink and green, but of course, you have to do what you love the best. :)

I need to make a pink quilt, so I'm waiting until the Joann's Valentines fabric goes for 50% off. Does that make me cheap?

Teresa Pomerantz said...

no, it isn't cheap to get the fabric on sale- I bought all my hanukkah fabric for 75% the day after Christmas and it was still hanukkah (so I giggled about that)