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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Follow along Quilt (s)

I am following along with the YCMT quilt a thon- you can link for more information by clicking on the graphic on the right hand side. You might have noticed that I posted about this a while back to help me chose a color theme- since I only got two comments- I went with BOTH color schemes so I am making a black/white/Aqua quilt and a pink/cream/and sage green quilt. I of course have taken pictures and not posted them because I am at work so check back this evening and I will post them.
Kim posted step 7 today- but I am still on step 2 (don't tell her, okay?) I am on the ironing the new squares part- next I will square them up and sew them into pinwheels, and square them again. Is there a support group for people who are way far behind?
This is my very first quilts so I am going slow and making sure I do it right, because I want to be able to do something with what I have made. Maybe a gift or to decorate the guest bedroom?


Maddie Dean Photography said...

I'm doing the YCMT quilt for my very first one as well!! Looking forward to seeing your progress pics. I'm going soo slow that I haven't even finished cutting :)

jaya pratheesh said...

hi, just came here to see who's following my blog..your photos are wonderful!!and so are your adorable models. being a photographer, i know you have to cut paste, crop, whatnot your photos, but could you please just post some of the quilt as is? i mean, just post them..we'd like to see the colors in your quilt, it neednot be portfolio worthy!