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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I survived the first day

Well, I survived today- and it wasn't bad at all. Course I had a turkey sandwich for breakfast because it was the fastest protein thing I could come up with as we headed out the door to meet one of my photography clients. But it kept me full until we got home so I had tyson beef fajita strips and low carb tortillas for lunch. Not bad, I vaguely missed the cheese- but since I keep kosher now it was no big loss for me.
I went out shopping with Yael and on my way back we stopped at HEB to buy Totinos, Popsicles, and Ramen Noodles (none of those are mine). I also purchased one of the lean pockets 4 cheese pizzas. Wow, it was really good, and filling which meant I could have Israeli Salad for dinner and top it off with a Skinny Cow low fat Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich. I ended up thinking I might join Weight Watchers because as much as a I love you dear readers- what is it the Nesting Place calls readers- peeps? - I need to be accountable and if that means going to meetings, then that is what I will do. Don't worry- I will still blog here, for my sanity , if nothing else :)
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