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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Abs Ouch

So I got out my Transfirmer and did the Jiggle Free Abs routine- 25 minutes. It has been a long time since I did that routine (obviously). I had to rest a few times in the middle of the crunches but I think I did okay. I will do this every other day to make sure my body doesn't get too used to it- plus aren't you supposed to rest a muscle group after working it so it heals and strengthens?
Do you read Jorge Cruz? I love him- he wrote the 8 minutes in the Morning exercise book, and also the 3 hr diet. For now I am following the Weight Watcher's points but Jorge has a point. He talks about the 9" plate. You divide it in half- in the top half you put green vegetables- it can be as much as you want. On the bottom half you divide the plate in half again- in the first 1/4 you put protein and the other quarter you put carbs. You are allowed a healthy fat as well (flax seed oil, etc). Now, obviously this is a don't count what your eating type of plan but don't go overboard- piling your plate 4 inches tall would kind of defeat the purpose. He said there is no restricted foods, just proper portion control. I feel I do better counting my points or calories but I still like his principle message and I try to follow it even on the WW plan because it makes sense.
So, today at Macaroni Grill for lunch I had the Rosemary Grilled Chicken with Roasted potatos. I only ate half of the potatos because I wasn't sure how many points the chicken was until I got home. Turns out the meal of the chicken with roasted vegetables would have been 7 points, but I didn't have the roasted vegetables (did I mention I am a picky eater?). But when I got home I had some spinach to make up for it. I went ahead and counted the whole 7 points because I am not sure how many pints 5 roasted potato wedges would be vs the roasted vegetables. Then Ari and Tamar and I went to Joann's and then to Border's Books. (the first for me, the 2nd for them). Then home and stuck the kids in the bath tub.
Anyways my Abs are going to be sore, and my thighs because there are some squats in that routine. Tomorrow I have to decide what exercise to do- I was considering my Zumba dvd- the basic workout since it has been years since I did that one (again, obviously).

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