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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Altered Letters Tutorial

This is one of my favorite all time crafts- and it is perfect for my first tutorial to share.

Paint (I love Memories brand- but regular acrylic is fine)

Modge Podge

foam brushes

embellishments- I used a big flower- isn't it pretty?

Basic Construction:
You need about 4 sheets of coordinated paper (1 for each letter). Even unrelated lines of paper can be combined in an appealing manner.

Paint the edges and/or bottom of your letters with a coordinating paint. (that way if your measurements are a little off it will cover a multitude of sins.

Turn your first sheet of paper upside down and place your letter right side down. Trace around your letter. (make sure you get the center of letters as needed.

Now cut out your paper letter- I cut on the inside of the line I drew.

Apply a thin layer of decoupage glue (Modge Podge) evenly on the front of the letter and quickly put your paper letter over it. Use a brayer or your finger to smooth the paper several times to make sure the paper doesn’t bubble up. The idea here is not to be a perfectionist so if you get a few bubbles no harm no fowl. You’ll be covering up any mistakes with your accessories anyway. (the important thing here is THIN layer- too much and your paper will stretch and wrinkle)

Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 until all letters are covered. Remember… there is no wrong or right to this. You can be as perfectionist or as messy as you want to be. You can sand the edges of her paper to make it flush- . As I tend to cut my paper just a little smaller than the letters, I used paint to cover the imperfections. Can you spot my mistake?

Yes, that is right- I didn't notice that when I turned my paper downwards and placed my letter on it- I got the title strip. If you can read that- you are too close- but the paper line is from Basic Grey. I fell in love with it on sight.

Here is the L fixed
Set aside to dry and begin thinking about your accessorizing.
This is the fun part. You can mount at least one of your photos onto chipboard and mounted it using a bulldog clip from the local office supply store using a screw. I like the idea of using a cuphook and hanging beads, bells, or something similar. Dig in that stash- you can use metal frames, photo corners, rubons and more to make your letters unique. My husband was delighted that I actually used some of my supplies and I was delighted to make room to buy more J.
You can use ribbon to tie a bow around one or more letters.

Here is the final product again- have fun- and feel free to show me the letters you made


Carla Hegeman Crim said...

Very cool! I'd love to do something like that for Louie's room with boyish papers!

Teresa Pomerantz said...

Carla- you could spell out the work Play- with Boy papers and maybe toy cars or airplanes?

Courtney said...

Very nice!

jaya pratheesh said...

thats very cute! ...and so easy. will be bookmarking that:)

Kris said...

Those turned out really cute Teresa! What a fun way to decorate!

SweetDreamsDesigns said...

Love this Teresa! Another project I'd like to add to my never ending list! Great job!