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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Projects update

that is right- Projects with an s, as in multiple projects at the same time.
I finally made myself sit still long enough to cut out the nightgowns for my girls using CarlaC's Portrait Peasant Dress pattern. For some reason I only had 2 yds of each fabric so for the ruffle I cut two of 1.5 yard strips and I will piece them together. Nobody will notice anyway. Fortunately it was 60" wide fabric so no shortage for anything else. I love my rotary cutter!
My husband surprised me with a ruffler foot for my sewing machine (yay!). Now I have a reason to watch Carla explain the ruffler foot in her video on (it is on the front page, just scroll down to the bottom) You can also get the free Ruffler- unruffled ebook here.
Other projects- I am cutting out the Kimberbell Kids Dolls pattern tonight.
I have 14 sets of hairbows in progress using mini ornaments from last years after-christmas sales.
I am also cutting out the Mini LadyBug Purse for my niece. Using the beautiful fabric that I got in the remnants basket at Joann's last week (Yahoo!).
I am also cutting out the CarlaC's Aline dresses fabric tonight: I think these will go perfect with the girls new SugarPlum crocs (the pink, green, and cream)
What else am I in progress of doing? making a mess in my craft room (heehee, the better to keep people from figuring out what I am up to, right?) and also working full time and attempting to spend some time with the kids. (does sitting on the couch gluing hairclips while the kids watch Barney at the Zoo count?)

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littlebuttercups said...

Catching up on blog reads! Your projects are looking awesome and can't wait to see the ones you are working on now!