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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Murphey's Law- Its true

So tomorrow is the last day of the challenge. So My plan for this weekend was to sew, sew, sew. I had my pattern pieces all cut out and ready to sew. Saturday was parents day out at my kids daycare so I could put the kids in from 9:30-3:00. I had to run a few errands so I didn't get back to the house until noon so instead of napping which was what my husband was doing- I started sewing my son's teacher's new apron together. I finally got my ruffler to work after some configuring and so I made the ruffle. I finished attaching the ruffle around 2:30- time to leave to go get kiddos. We then took the kids to Joann's and Border's books and got home about 6- fed the kids and put them to bed then back to sewing the apron. I think I might have made an error by using a heavy canvas as the background because the apron is very stiff- but it has to hold up to kindergarteners so it is probably going to get softer with age. (yes I washed it first). I will post pictures in a bit.
I finished the apron last night at 10:00pm (it gets harder to sew when the kids are home.)
This morning my husband was leaving for Canada to teach a security course (he is going to Ottowa- I heard they had a snow storm last week). My project this morning was to sew the girls blankets and pillows so they could move to their big girl toddler beds after New Years. While I was sewing my oldest son said Ari was coloring on the furniture- he was right- Ari was coloring on my new couch, chairs, and coffee table with permanent green marker. I caught him just as he started coloring on the cream colored carpet. I don't think Ari missed a single piece of furniture- the coffee table, the side table, the entertainment center, the computer table, the two brown colored chairs, my olive green couch, some boxes. I asked Itai why he didn't tell me earlier and he said that he was trying to stop him... hmmm.
So I finished the blankets and started on the pillow cases- when I heard a crash downstairs- one of the girls dropped a ceramic coffee cup (thank goodness it didn't shatter, it just cracked so I was able to easily clean it up.
That was it! I put all three little ones in their beds for naptime. You would think there would be peace and quiet- right? Well I heard giggling from the girls room and went in there- Tamar was straddling her crib rails- about to tip herself forward. Now I am really glad I was finishing the girls blankets and pillows. I spent the rest of the day finishing their pillows then took them for a walk to the park- and when we got back I cleaned the kitchen to work off some steam. But then I got more steamed because I discovered my husband had let the dishes from Thanksgiving- 3 weeks ago- sit in the sink and they were black (he does the dishes and trash and I do the rest of the cleaning). I was nooootttt!!!!! Pleased. I have been putting off sweeping the dining room so there are crumbs under the table, the table was sticky. (apple juice spilled and not cleaned up hmmm)
Ok so enought complaining. The girls big girl beds are put together- I now have to teach them to stay in them. It could be touch and go- but they will learn- the boys did, so will the girls.
I have Seska's ladybug purse cut out and ready to sew. Hopefully I will get at least it done before the deadline.


Carla Hegeman Crim said...

YAY! Glad to hear the ruffler is working!

Ha - I can so relate to things getting colored on and broken, and I only have one child! Hopefully the marker will come up easily. We had a big incident with purple glitter glue around Halloween, and I am still scraping off blobs!

Jennifer Smith said...

How awful. Bad Ari!