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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ooh, the pressure!

Okay, so my craft projects are due to be finished by the fifteenth. Some have been more successful from others.

My first time sewing with zippers- a failure. I made the ladybug purse and was doing so well- when I realized I sewed the zipper pull inside the purse. Proof?

But my hairbows turned out really cute (please excuse the poor product photography) I still haven't found my studio lights:

I felt I really had to make some time to straighten up my craft room since I was dodging around boxes and could barely see what i had: here is my "straighted up room"

So projects in progress- tutus. The nightgowns are being delayed. I am making the girls Disney Princess bedding as they are moving into their big girl beds for New Years. (toddler beds)
I guess I will remake the ladybug purse- it really is a cute purse.
I am making a drawstring backpack for my nephew and sons.


Courtney said...

Cute stuff! Looks like you are doing and awesome job!

Kim said...

Hi Teresa! Those bows are darling!! And your craft room looks a lot better than mine right now! :) Even if the zipper is upside down, I still LOVE that purse!! :)


littlebuttercups said...

Great hairbows and purse! My husband always checks to make sure that I'm doing the zipper the right way! Have sewn many a zippers backwards myself, Still would rather do zippers than buttons!

Teresa Pomerantz said...

Kim- keep in mind this is my craft room AFTER I cleaned up haha
Thanks guys for leaving some love!