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Monday, August 29, 2011

Hey, World- its me again.

Yes, I know I said I would keep this blog current- and then life happens :) After a busy summer, it is finally back to school (yay!).
I have a new BFF (I still love you, Trish and and also my hubby). What did I do without him? He is sleek and shiny and makes my life soooo easy. Okay- I will tell you. It is my ruffler foot for my sewing machine. I was terrified to try it, but now I will never sew ruffles without it again!!!!!!!!!! If you have not seen one of these babies- you need to go to You Can Make This and get the free Ruffler Guide. Yes, free. Carla- one of the many fabulous designers who publish ebooks for patterns for sewing, beading, glassworking, you name it- there is probably an ebook for it.- Anyway, Carla wrote the guide for the Ruffler because the foot comes with little to no instruction! She totally rocks! Thank you Carla- and thank you new BFF.
So what did I do this summer?:
I took kids to Swim Lessons, Gymnastics, and Dance. We went to the pool almost daily. I joined the neighborhood pool committee. I sewed several cute little outfits (which I will post pics at the end of this post). I went Israeli Dancing every Tuesday (which totally rocks!). I sewed and finished my very first complete quilt, complete with Ruffles (oh, thank you new BFF). I photographed 2 weddings and newborn (I know it isn't much, hey- I take one day at a time, lol). Took kids to birthday parties, Chuck E Cheese dates, craft store shopping. Looking at the list it doesn't look like much- but it was busy everyday, I swear!
I tackled Mount Laundry (don't laugh- it was a bit daunting until I sorted through all the clothes- and gave to goodwill everything that didn't fit - 17 trashbags full!) I am currently tackling the garage- but it will be slowgoing since it is over 105 degrees everyday- so I only work in the am.
Here is pics of some of my projects:
This is the dress I made to give Lily for her birthday, Yael is modeling :)

The front:

Farbenmix Dortje Pants- oh how I love that pattern.
Tamar's Farbenmix Roxy dress. Love it! Love the ruffles in the back even more :)
(Yael didn't want to be left out of the pic)

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Wow, that's quite a list! Busy bee you are. (Yoda grammar I am writing for you.)
You take beautiful pictures.