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Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Haircut and New Project

I decided yesterday that I needed a new haircut. My hair was getting longer and longer, and bushier and bushier. I was determined I would get my hair straightened and cut shorter. I have naturally curly hair- and have always hated it, although there are times where I could tolerate it. In the past 6 years since Itai was born, I have gotten my hair straightened and cut short. I occasionally have the capacity to decide to grow it out to the length it was before Itai, but usually get frustrated and get it chopped again, that is the case today and so I headed off to the salon. I didn't know which one I was going to, but I knew I didn't want a Procuts, Super Cuts, Style America, or Walmart Salon. I drove down Gatti School Rd- and found a salon. I walked in and they only had one customer, I asked if they did straighteners and they did, so then I told them what I wanted, the stylist- Johanny- told me the reason regular straighteners don't work for me, is that they are not meant for my hair type- and that while a Japanese straightener would be good, it would be very expensive (~350 dollars!!! ouch) and take 5-6 hrs (what???!) She suggested a cut that wasn't so boxy as the one I had, and both the stylists in the shop had naturally curly hair so they knew how to handle it.
Johanny took the time to go through some style magazines with me, we picked out a few we thought would work, then narrowed it down to one. I decided since I wasn't getting a straightener, I could get color and highlights. My natural color is mousy dark blond, light brown. Not flattering.
It took a long time, I am sure my husband thought I had run away all over town, especially since I forgot my phone. I am so pleased with my new haircut. Here is the after pic:
Now for our new project, the kids and are are making the bigger kids Picnic Table from Knock-Off Wood . I decided to paint before assembly so I could get in all the cracks- and so I could use the roller :)
I let the kids have first crack at painting:
And then I went back and smoothed it out :) (while they weren't looking of course). I will also let them help me with the screwgun. (but not the drill)

In other news: Savta Shuli is here (visiting from Israel). For Fathers' Day tomorrow- Ori has requested to go to the Institute of Texas Cultures in San Antonio- and maybe the children's museum there as well.

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