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Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm Back- and Reinspired

I know I have been AWOL- it has been a crazy summer. But I am reinspired!!!!!!!! I have to show you what my friends and I accomplished in 1 day!
My craft room was a total mess- boxes and items that hadn't been unpacked since we moved in a year ago. Fabric, ribbons, and stuff spread on the floor while I was searching because I couldn't find anything. More Boxes, Baskets, and containers piled in corners and the closet. Well- check out the transformation.
My friend Susie painted the room, while Sheri and I sorted through everything- and I mean everything. Sorting out Fabric, scraps, ribbons, Books, Office Supplies, Scrapbooking Supplies, Sewing Tools, Yarn, etc. Divided items into keep, sell, donate, or trash. My new Motto is: It doesn't go into the room unless it has a place or a purpose.
I bought some darling- and I do mean darling- storage boxes at Ikea. The bookshelves I have had for a year- also from Ikea.
Enough Teaser- from Messed up Craft Room to Uncluttered Design Studio- here is the big Unveil:

Left Wall inside the doorAFTER
Left Hand Wall inside the door

Wall with Window

Wall with the Window

Right Hand WallAFTER
Right Hand Wall
Wall Beside the ClosetAnother View of the Bookcases on the right hand wall- see the flower boxes aren't they cute?!


Ori Pomerantz said...

It doesn't go into the room unless it has a place or a purpose.

Or it's a kid. Nothing can stop them.

Teresa Pomerantz said...

true, I did not install a deadbolt... yet :)

Jennifer said...

Now it's time for you to come over and declutter for me. Right? right? Why are you fleeing in terror?

Sara said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!! Love it!

jaya pratheesh said...

wow! so neat!