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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My poor baby car

So this week Ori is teaching a class in the office so I have been picking up Itai from School. So he has been driving my car so he can pick up the 3 little ones. Ori's normal car is a tiny little Hyundai Accent, and I drive a Dodge Grand Caravan Minivan. Somehow he didn't make the turn out of the parking garage and this is what my poor baby car looks like now:

So I called insurance and had them book me an appt and dropped it off at the body shop this morning. Well if Ori thinks my car is Carzilla- then the rental car is Truck Kong- they gave me a Dodge Ram King Cab Pickup Truck! No way am I letting Ori drive it so looks like I am not going to the Israeli Block Party this evening :(


Kris said...

SO SORRY about your car!!!! That's not fun at all.

Sharon said...

Truck Kong - LOL

Will the door even open? Yikes. Glad everyone is okay.

Carla Hegeman Crim said...