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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Israeli Block Party- Matilda Jane- and misc

For those that asked- my MJ Trunk Show went well. We only had about 5 of us- but we all were able to get what we wanted and I really enjoyed talking to the Moms I knew and the ones I just met.
For those who don't know- the Israeli Block Party is held every year on the UT campus and this year they are looking to make it the best since this is Israel's 60th yr. March 11th is the date- Click on the link for more information. My Israeli Folk Dance buddies and I will be leading dancing down there and it is going to be fun. Come on out and do some shopping, dancing, talking, and eating!

I am joining Mama's a Mess- in providing an orphanage with blankets and bibs. Sharon- your heart warms mine! If you are interested- head on over to Mama's a Mess' blog and volunteer- make a receiving blanket or two or 20 and feel good about yourself- if your going to craft- might as well get some love out of it- right. And those kids in the orphanage don't have warm blankets and bibs to keep them clean- lets do what we can to help! I am also thinking some fleece blankets for the older kiddos wouldn't go amiss either. Or quilts- I know lots of you have your YCMT quilts.

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Sharon said...

You are the bomb!!! Thank you so much for posting about the orphanage and our little project to help! *kisses*