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Sunday, April 26, 2009

I need your help- what to name my photography business.

I have had Moments Matter Photography for 3 years, but... last year I found someone in another state is using my Moments Matter name. I sent her a note saying she was in violation but she said she registered with her state and as long as they said it was okay she wasn't going to give it up. I never registered mine here. So I have toyed with a couple of different names: Teresa Maureen Photography and Birds Nest Photography. I just can't seem to nail it down since I really liked my Moments Matter. But I got to thinking maybe I should change it to Teresa Maureen since Moments Matter is limited to people photography only. I am not in love with any of them, So what do you think? Here is my current logo
and here is my work up for Teresa Maureen. I
didn't make one for Birds Nest Photography, although I did get the domain. Do you have another suggestion?
The issue is that if you do a google search- you find her, not me. I did want a more colorful logo- but I can't think of anything using Teresa Maureen and I am not sure about Birds Nest- although it does have great branding potentional. So I am throwing this out there for your suggestions. HELP?


Sharon said...

Teresa...I really, really like Birds Nest! It's unique and it's catchy! And like you said...the marketing potential...a logo...a banner....ideas are endless! Good luck to you!

SweetDreamsDesigns said...

I love bird's nest! I think a logo for that could be adorable! I'm envisioning something kind of shabby chic...good luck!

Kris said...

I like them both! But I really like "Teresa Maureen" for a few reasons. I think it sounds very professional and classy. It has a sense of style and design to it. It makes me think about other great designer out there who have made a name for themselves by using their own name: examples- Heather Bailey, AnnaMarie Horner, Martha Stewart, etc. Just a few thoughts! I love your logo, too- the black and white is very striking. It's solid. Beautiful.

Good luck with it all! Choosing a name is not an easy process at all. Bottom line is you need to also choose something you will LOVE for a long time to come.

Hope this helps!