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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What do you do:

When you have a houseful of the very people you are making gifts for and you can't let them see your plans? Why- you make your craft room as messy as possible so they don't even go in and look (at least that is the excuse I am going to stick with!)
I have decided what to make for my niece- she was easy. And I have ideas for what to do for my daughters (dress up trunk). Anybody know where to get holiday color Crocs or Croc knockoffs?
My Mom is not being helpful because she says all she wants for Christmas is the cardboard from my boxes (we just moved and I have a pile 4 ft high).
My nephew- I am lost. He won't wear a tie, he won't wear a apron or chef's hat, he is 8 and has no interest in the bowling shirt. hmm. He is going to be a challenge.
How is everyone else coming on theirs?

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crystal_crtr2 said...

I have a 7 year old little boy to make something for. I have decided to make him the Aivilo Messenger bag and a matching crayon rollup. I will be adding some very macho Transformers coloring pages. I have some left over Dragon and Blue Flame fabric that I will be using for his gift. I hope that it will be macho enough for him.